Industry Problems

Online Video Is Global But Localization Is Big Issue

Online video is global but localization is big issue- Another challenging problem within the video industry is that least 80% of content on the Internet is accessible in only one of 10 top languages. Most videos on the internet are only accessible in a single
language, usually English. It means that video distribution is limited and much of the world is out of reach for content producers regardless of whether their videos are accessible through search engines and video platforms.

Video Content Lacks Rich and Normalized Meta Data

Video Content lacks rich and normalized meta data- Metadata must also be normalized and standardized if it is to be used for better search and discovery. If the metadata isn’t normalized and standardized, such as when multiple uploaders upload the same
video to YouTube with different descriptions, you would get different metadata based on who is uploading it. Because humans are biased with their own perspectives, each human looking at the same video will come up with different metadata information and tags for that video.

Ensuring Content Safety For Brands And Viewers

Ensuring content safety for brands and viewers – One of the most challenging problems in the video industry is to ensure video content are safe for our children to watch and for brands to advertise on through access to metadata. Due to the number of online videos viewed daily especially by kids, the importance of video safety is becoming more and more important.

Our Solution

AIVON is a decentralized blockchain platform and protocol built on an Artificial Intelligence (AI) network and a community of human experts working together to generate normalized and enhanced metadata for video content.

Artificial Intelligence

Specialized AI algorithms will be deployed on mining nodes, so that miners’ CPU and GPU resources can be used to scan media files, generate the enhanced metadata including time-coded tags, classification, categories, transcripts and translations, and an index of the video objects.


AIVON platform will use AI to define a confidence score for each of several content safety attributes, such as: nudity, adult, offensive language, hate speech, violence, guns, alcohol etc.  These confidence scores will be combined into a vector called a ContentGraphTM which can be visualized as a bar graph.

Human Expert

AIVON uses a network of freelancers with skills in tagging, metadata management, transcribing and translation. AIVON will empower its community with tools which enable individuals to review, verify and correct the AI-derived metadata, including the categorizations, transcriptions and translations.

Our Leaders

Rex Wong

Rex Wong is a serial entrepreneur with over 25 years of experience in internet, technology, media and software. Rex is the Chairman & Co-founder of iVideoSmart. He was CEO & Co-Founder of 8sian Media (acquired by uCast/Qello 2017), CEO & Co-Founder of DAVE.TV (acquired 2008), one of the first IPTV platforms, a founding investor of Applied Semantics that developed AdSense (acquired by Google 2003). He has had numerous exits creating over $1 billion in shareholder value.

SQ Lee

SQ Lee is the CEO & Co-founder of iVideoSmart. Previously he was VP Technology of 8sian Media and COO/CTO of Applied Mesh a fintech company. Prior to his entrepreneurship venture, he was Centre Director for the Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore in China. SQ holds a Master of Science in EE, specializing in Neural Network, from Stanford University.

U-Zyn Chua

U-Zyn Chua is the Principal Consultant and Blockchain Engineer of Zynesis, with more than a decade of experience in technology consulting. U-Zyn has been working on the technical aspects of Bitcoin, blockchain and decentralization technology since 2010. He started one of the earliest Bitcoin exchanges in Asia in 2011 and was the lead blockchain developer for the successful TenX token sale. U-Zyn has also conducted blockchain research for GovTech as part of his Smart Nation Fellowship.

Colman Ma

Colman Ma is the Director of Operations North America. He was formerly project manager of iVideoSmart responsible for the North America market. Prior to that he was handling Digital Media Operations of Carat USA. Despite not being an engineer by training, Colman has picked up Python programming.

Bill Claxton

Bill Claxton is a seasoned technology entrepreneur. He holds a certificate in BlockChain For Technical Executives and Analysts from B9Lab Academy in the UK and has spoken at various blockchain events. Bill has been active in the IT scene in Singapore for more than 20 years, was an early Bitcoin investor and most recently served as Operations Director of fintech startup KYC Chain.

Roger Essoh

Roger Essoh has started to work with open source technologies in 1995 when he founded his first IT company. He is also the former Open Source Director for Public Sector at Atos. Roger is a digital expert with more than 22 years of experience in IT & Consulting industry. He is an active entrepreneur, a venture partner, and a strategic advisor for various startups and companies in US, Europe and Asia.

Our Advisors

Michael Terpin

Michael Terpin is The Founder of Transform Group and co-founded BitAngels (, the world's first angel network for digital currency start-ups. He also currently heads up the ICO investment committee for Alphabit Fund, a $300 million digital currency fund. Terpin has led the PR efforts for more than 150 blockchain companies and foundations, including Aeternity, Augur, Bancor, Ethereum, Factom, Gnosis, Golem Network, Lisk, MaidSafe, Qtum, Tether. Ongoing campaigns include Bittrex, Counterparty, Dash, Eos, Kraken, NEM, Neo, Storj and Shapeshift.

Kevin Chen

Kevin Chen is currently the CEO of Viscovery, a leading technology company in AI Computer Vision. He is also a Partner at GD1 Fund II L.P. and Pinehurst Advisors, which are both early stage tech funds in Taiwan and in Viscovery. His fund has invested in Maicoin, the largest crypto/blockchain company in Taiwan. Previously, he was COO of Laureate Education (China) and Managing Director of Ingram Micro (Hong Kong).

Jean-Baptiste Kempf

Jean-Baptiste Kempf is the president of the VideoLAN non-profit organization and one of the lead developers of the open source VLC media player. Since 2005 he has worked on or led most VideoLAN related projects, including VLC for desktop, the relicensing of libVLC, the ports to mobile operating systems, and various multimedia libraries like libdvdcss or libbluray. He also founded VideoLabs, a company focusing on open source multimedia technologies.

Jay Samit

Jay Samit is the author of Disrupt You! Master Personal Transformation, Seize Opportunity, and Thrive in the Era of Endless Innovation and an adjunct professor at USC. Previously, Jay was Vice Chairman of Deloitte Digital, CEO of SeaChange, a leading OTT video platform provider, EVP and GM of Sony Connect, EVP of New Media at EMI Music and VP of Digital at Universal. He has been an advisor for LinkedIn and EBay.

Jay Eum

Jay Eum is Co-Founder and Managing Director of TransLink Capital. Previously, he was Managing Director of Samsung Ventures where he established and led the US venture capital operations for Samsung. Over Jay’s 18-year career in venture capital, notable exits include Carbonite, DivX, InPhi, Intellon, PayPal, Pure Digital and YuMe. He is also an active investor and advisor to several ICOs including Askfm, Bee, ICON, Quantstamp, Refereum and Telegram.